Rally Peugeot 504 1970
built in 1998 by Alex Wheeler of South Africa


The above vehicle was purpose built in 1998 by Alex Wheeler of South Africa. His international experience in racing and rallying includes touring cars as well as group A Rallying and formula cars. It competed in the TWE shield of Africa, which covered some 14000 km in 21 days including some 2000 km of special stage, without a hitch. The vehicle complies in all respects to FIA safety specifications and all classic racing regulations, as well as being fully road legal. The vehicle was converted to RHD for ease of use in competition throughout the world. Minor damage sustained on the Shield has been fully repaired, as well as being fully serviced and rebuilt. The car was voted best prepared on the event and is very well thought out and strong enough for endurance events. There is also a full set of spares available for the vehicle (detailed separately)


Manufacturer and model: Peugeot 504
Year of original manufacture: 1970
Type: 2 door coupe
Roll Cage: Welded in steel FIA approved cage
Manufacturer: Peugeot
Type: 4 cyl OHV wet sleeve
Capacity: 1997 cc
Compression:   9.8:1
Power output: 99 bhp at rear wheels
Torque: ----------------
Cam Shaft:       Custom 288 deg duration
Other: Aluminum Sump, Toothed belt pulley drive, Fully balanced and lightened bottom end, ported head, all parts except block new before shield.
Cooling: BMW M3 Aluminum radiator
High volume fan
Lubrication: High volume pump, Setrab oil cooler, Goodridge oil filter sandwich plate, all hose and fittings Goodridge
Fuel System:
Carburetion: Twin Weber 45 DCOE Side draught on custom manifold
Tank: FIA approved plastic fuel cell
Pumps: BMW lift pump and twin Mitsuba fuel pumps
Other: All connectors and fuel lines are Goodridge braided hose.
Headlamps: 4 x original Cibie lamps with 100w bulbs
Additional lighting: 2 x Cibie 6” floodlights 100w bulbs2 x Cibie puddle lamps 100w bulbs
Battery: Dry cell 12v 90 a/h
Alternator: 110 amp Bosch with modified pulleys
Ignition: Magnetti contact breaker
Instrumentation: Stack Rev Counter, VDO minor gauges (oil press. oil temp, temp, amps, Wika fuel pressure and ATL fuel gauge)
Demisting: High capacity recirculating drum fan
Wiper system: Magnetti single blade system
Intercom: Peltor system built in
Other: Aircraft quality custom made loom, all fuses resettable, aircraft switch gear, additional points for GPS Sat phone etc, Built in Garmin GPS system, Master switch etc. 10 liter w/washer reserve and high volume pump
Actuation: Floor mounted Tilton hydraulic system, dual brake master cylinder
Clutch: Single dry plate diaphragm clutch
Brakes front: 13” ventilated discs on aluminum bell Alcon 4 pot calipers
Brakes rear: 12” solid discs
Ate single piston calipers
Hand brake: Hydraulic actuated onto rear calipers
Other: All pipe and fittings by Goodridge, rear-proportioning valve.
General: Custom tubular headers with 55mm free flow tail pipe
Rack: Rack and pinion modified for RHD
Steering Wheel: 15” OMP
Type: Front: McPherson strut reinforced and modified standard components.
Rear: Independent trailing arm reinforced and modified standard components.
Shocks: Front:   Bilstein inserts
Rear:    Bilstein hydraulic
Springs: Front:   30-kg/cm custom made
Rear:    25kg/cm custom made
Other: Front and rear ARB, All bushes etc new before shield. All modified and fabricated parts compatible with originals for ease of repair in deepest darkest Africa!
Gearbox: Modified standard 5 speed Peugeot 504 Gearbox
Diff: Limited Slip Modified Peugeot 505Gti component
Drive Shafts: Modified standard Peugeot 505Gti Shafts
Other: Torque tube prop shaft, all transmission parts new before shield
Rims and Tires:
Road: 5 X 15” Alloy rims with 195 Dunlop SP D8 x 5
Stage: 9 X 15” steel rims with 195 Dunlop SP 82R x 5 and SP 83R x 6
Interior: Cobra Racing Seats
Willans racing harnesses
Built in Safe
Helmet net
Roof vents
Lexan side and rear windows
Twin Holtrip odometers with double pick up sets
All interior floor plates and cover panels fabricated anodized Aluminum
Exterior: 5mm Durol skid plates under engine and box.
Reinforced diff and torque tube areas
No pipes/wiring etc under car
All areas easily accessible for emergency repairs

As one of only 7 examples imported to S.Africa the Peugeot Club of SA was not terribly impressed with us producing a fully blown rally car out of it, however it was generally agreed it was better prepared than the 70’s factory effort. Nick Brittan’s “you’ve done this before haven’t you” comment really made the day though. The event went very smoothly though an unfortunate off road excursion on day 1 saw us drop to the back, due to bent suspension and arriving at parc ferme in the early hours of the morning. Determined driving and total reliability saw us slowly climb back up the scoreboard, giving the same class BDA escorts a run for their money (not bad considering that the motor was designed as a reliable plodder and not a racer…) though a fairly bad under steer problem – a result of not enough testing as well as poor alignment – also meant that we were a little off the escorts pace. Then – Murphy’s Law - the only failure on the event – a loose exhaust – occurred on the day the service van had ground to a halt some 300km behind and left the crew stranded missing 2 more stages. The rest of the event was a cakewalk but we were no longer in contention and finished 19th. Revised spring rates and a lots of attention post event have made this a very quick and nimble car that will easily survive many more endurance races as well as being completely reliable and competitive.

   Owner: Justin Moor

This one is for sale! See details.