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An overview off the models during the year 1969-1983

The first coupe as presented on the Salon of Genieva in march 1969, was only available in the 1792cc engine from the 504 sedan (saloon) and had 97 bhp. The grille had 3 chrome strips and a bronze lion. The Velour upholstery was only available for the coupe, the cabriolet was only available in skay.

In October 1970 the 1,8 liter motor is replaced by the 2.0 liter. An automatic gearbox was an option and cost FF 2150. A revcounter is placed in the dashboard and the hand-brake moves from the left to the middle. 

In 1971 a 4 cilinder coupe costs FF 27.500 FF and a Cabriolet FF 26.500. (That's different nowadays when the cabriolet is much more expensive)

The cabriolet is only available with  4 cilinders from  1970 till 1974.

October 1972 New hand-brake and new colors for the interior. The automatic gearbox is only available for the coupe.

October 1974 The V6 engine replaces the 4 cylinder in the coupe's and cabriolets. The V6 logo apaires on the boot. New rectangular headlight,  a new grille and taillights. New  steel wheels with 16 holes. New pininfarina logo's  on the frontwings. New bumpers without the two rubber blocs.

1975 More then 4 cylinders is expensive. The coupe V6 costs FF 48750,- and the Cabriolet is still cheaper with FF 47750,-

Oktober 1975 A new time clock in the coupe and cabriolet V6 and also a  new steel petrol tank under the rear.

October 1977 The 4 cylinder is back in the Coupe and Cabriolet. The V6 is only and exclusive available in the coupe, the cabriolet only has the 4 cylinder as an option. Further changes include a new steering wheel and the dashboard gets a reorganisation. Powersteering is fitted as standard now. The fuel fillerneck on the left rearwing moves about an inch higher. The 5 speed gearbox is now available for the V6 and the injection is now standard on the V6 engines.

Model 1978. The coupe 4 cylinder  costs FF 55300 ,- the V6 costs FF 67100,- and the cabriolet 4 cylinder costs FF 55100,-.


October 1979 The synthetic plastic bumpers apear. The badges disappair, the 504 on the bonnet and the peugeot from the boot. The grille gets 2 chrome frames, at the top and the bottom. A 5 speed gearbox for the 4 cylinder is now available.


1980 The coupe 4 cylinder costs ff 76500,- the same as the cabriolet. The cabriolet V6 is available again and costs FF 90000,-


1981 New dashboard with 5 dials.


1983 End off production for the
coupe en cabriolet.