Kurt Orbie, the 504 specialist! Our parts storage.

All the parts for peugeot 504cc on stock. Aswell as a: 

peugeot 504 coupé V6 1980 coupé
4cyl 1982 cabriolet 4cyl 1974.

Everything in s mint and original condition.
phone 0032/16585458
Adress Eektstraat 51 3111 Wezemaal (Rotselaar) near Leuven and 30 km from  Bruxelles.

We do deliver abroad!
The wings The rearlights
upholstery, bumpers The small parts, you still need them!
The clocks,
As you can see, everything is there!

You can always visit us for advices, parts, a complete 504 CC or just for chat, you're always welcome in Wezemaal.


Kurt Orbie the 504 CC specialist!
Call us! 0032/16585458 We deliver abroad!