Kurt Orbie, The 504 CC specialist!
Kurt Orbie makes the difference
Bodywork coupé special for orginal or futher restoration

Supertransport stefaan verlooy safely deliverd  
At Kurt's place in Wezemaal, the home for every Peugeot 504 driver

Special from nigeria they fetch engines, already 50 years of driving them
round, indestructible
Orbie service known worldwide. Unique


All the parts for peugeot 504cc on stock. Aswell as a: 

peugeot 504 coupé V6 1980 coupé
4cyl 1982 cabriolet 4cyl 1974.

Everything in s mind and original condition.
phone 0032/16585458
Adress Eektstraat 51 3111 Wezemaal (Rotselaar) near Leuven and 30 km from  Bruxelles.

Take a look off the outside or go directly to our Storehouse!
In the quiet village Wezemaal you can find in the  Eektstraat thist 504 CC heaven.

The entrance shows the effection of the owner for the Peugeots.

This would be a great 504 Cafe but there is no room left. Everything is completely filled up with 504 CC's and parts.
The frontgarden and garage.
Even possible to remove a roof.. You can do it yourself by Orbi Service
Now take a look in our storehouse, almost everything is in stock!  
  Even on a smaller scale there is a lot to see. Do you own  504/403/404 scale modells, call us!