2:set zero 
7:change direction
8:emergency lights
9:time clock
10:left front window 
12:sigaret lighter
11:right front window 13:rear window heater
14:space for     extra switch
16:open hood

Dashboard 69/70 1,8 1974 1975 V6
1975 automatic V6 1976 manual V6 1978-79
1980/81 1982-83 manual 5 speed 82-83

For the colors of '73 and '77 go to colors...

Digital Clock plus automtic gearbox, 1980 Digital clock 1980 Roof panel clock/lamps 1982
69/70 no clock in console 1974, manual, watch place astray..   75/76 clock in the middle (manual gearbox)
  automatic manual 1978-79 1980-81 manual 5 speed
manual, 3 clocks don't belong there
5 speed 1982-83
1970-75 velours green, black side panels 1978-'81 watch sidepanels

1982-83, velours brown, sidepanels changed again. Skay upholstery bleu velours, '69/70 no headrests
velours brown  '80 Skay velours green rear seats
Bleu velours   Grey velours, 1980-1983
Grey velours 1980 Read leather, Cabriolet  
    Black leather, wood inlay dashboard + 
console   Brown velours, till 1980
A wooden steeringwheel in this very  beautifull Cabriolet and real leather...
  opening the roof watch the handbrake on the left 
A aftermarket steeringwheel and a real airco watch the position....
69/73 ventilation on the dashboard about '74 until 1981 ventilation without lids, just grates  

1982-83, with lids for direction

69/76, watch the handle for the small windows, the panel is  allways black.  in about 77 it is turning button. This is from 1978-1981, at last some upholstery. and the last one 1982-1983