The meaning of this page is to show you some off the detail changes during the years 1969-1983. You can also look on the Modellchanges page for a complete list. For the colors go to colors

A 69/70 model, separated headlamps and the 2 rubbertblocs on the bumpers. Grille with 3 chrome lines.. '75 model, 2 headlampunits and no blocs. Grille without lines. '82, synthetic bumpers and grille with 2 chrome frames, at the top and bottom.
The same at the rear, for the bumpers at least. The old rearlights and blocs on the bumper. '76 model, The same as  '75, the V6 exhaust with the 2 bended tailpipes
From teh side no difference? Yes, just look at the old doorhandle  
At the evening, just a nice picture This one is higher, this is the '76 model  The old mirrors
  Automatic  and manual
The 4 cylinder with a small tailpipe    
The latest logo, plastic, just like the  later 405, The V6 had V6TI added  Hard to see but the fillerneck hole is lower in the rearwing.
  The old air-inlet The latest type had painted bumpers, only not the white and red ones (not metallic), they got black bumpers like the Cabrio.
  Front view of the cabriolet Rear view
Sparewheel and tank behind it. 4 cyl.
56 liters.
Tank, and no room for sparewheel. V6 from 1975 84 liters V6 after 1976, tank behind the rearseet. 60 liters.
Notice the difference, one hood is the opposite off the other, one is lower in  the middle, the otherone is higher. The old rearlicht with a white glass(the left one)
For the Swiss market they made an orange glass. (right one)  The 2.0 liter injection (kugelfischer) The same
The V6 Carburator till 1978 After 1978 the V6 injection (Bosch) Kjetronic
The wheels during the production years. Here the first one, 8 holes. Used until 1974. Then the 16 holes came, until the end of production. (1983)
Both 14 Inch.
The 15 Inch whre an option on the later models. Mostly with TRX tyres. Better use the normal wheels of a 604.  Also a 15 Inch light alloys, now with polished inner parts.
14 Inch Dunlop's, mostly used for the Berline but also for the C&C This wheels where sold on the "Suisse edition" of the Coupe.