Atlast, you decided to buy one, but what are the weak points..

 One of the biggest problems, its French so its rust, and how!!!




Watch for ill fittings, just look if the hood fits straight between the front fenders.

2: Between the fenders and the body, there should be rubber flaps but often they are gone, so all the dirt is behind it and rusts through the fenders .

Same counts for behind the headlamps. As soon as you can see daylicht if you look from the front past the headlights

1: Above the rear wheels, just feel how many times they restored it there. you have a problem. 3: Leakage between the rearwindow, if bad it is in the boot aswell.
4: Rust behind the stainless steel strip. This can be worse!! 5: Rockerpanel can show some wholes. Mostly easy to fix. 6: In the body, below the doors. That's a bad place.
7: The reflectors are mostly rusty and fillty. If not to rusty clean them carefully. I did it with contact lens cleaner. Worked fine. 8: The fenders rust easy, especially round the wheels and at the bottom.
9: Search for water inside, make sure there is no leakage. Mostly round the frontwindow. 10: About 2 inches from the bottom off the door the inner panel and the outer panel come together, thats where the rusts starts. For the rest the normal places, like all other car.
The technical part: Is not that much different as other cars. The parts are mostly in stock with most of the suppliers and normally they are very reliable.

Take care for the consumption! 14 liters at 100 km for the 2.0 and 16 liters for the V6.